We Don’t Grind Just To Say It, We Grind To Succeed! (The Juice Daily Interview about #CGTour)

March 2nd Juice daily came by the common ground and capture the night and we did a interview with them. And it was a great interview, i talk about shit i usually don’t talk about. like my settlement i got from getting injure and what i did with the money. Just some real shit, check it out.

March 20th CGTour

New Merch: Orca Nation

Got some new merch for the Common Ground tour, the homie Kiero did the design and five star merch did the print. You know i love weed and the Raiders and I am The Orca so this is what you get “Orca Nation”. Everyone thats support me on this journey your apart of ย my pod ,Orca family.

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Growth: Every Artist Dream Is To Go On Tour!!!


Every artist dream is to go on tour, performing in different states and countries, meeting new people, eating new food and just embarking on new experiences. Last year I got that opportunity, shout out to Murs, I learned a lot on that tour and it cost us a lot to go on a 2 month tour as an independent artist. We didn’t get paid for the shows, we had to sell merch to get to the next show, there were times were we thought we might have to go home, but there was so many people that wanted us to win, so we had to keep pushing and we won; some of us have left Black Cloud Music but it was best for everybody.

We’re currently putting a Common Ground tour together by ourselves, which consist of us doing all the booking, negotiating prices, figuring out transportation, hotel rooms & other expenses; while also thinking about, if we even have a fan base in that city or state, we might have to do some shows for free just to plant that seeds and another things is waiting for venues to set something up or confirm shows, which is of course understandable, but we just want to get it all lined up. We do appreciate those venues and promoters out of state that are helping us out and giving us a chance, who knows how many people will come to the shows, but we hope to meet some new people.

The first tour with Murs, we were out for 2 months straight, as for this tour we will actually just be out at days and weeks at a time and traveling back home for it’s The Common Ground & to get our money up & also handle some business; we’re just going to be performing out of state more often. I don’t know when this tour is going to end, were just going to continuously try to book shows andย to be out there. But yo, this shit is nowhere near easy but I fucking love it, I truly love this shit, this is what I live for. I was terrified of doing this because being an indie artist like myself, Curtiss King & Stevie Crooks, sometimes you don’t have the capital to do what you need to do; so you gotta figure out how to do it your way until you get that capital or investor. I don’t want to fail my bros and myself, but I realized GOD wont let me fail, I wont let me fail, Lesa J wont let me fail & my bros wont let me fail.

Right now I have the most confident in world that this will be a successful tour and new venture. I’ve been delegating BTYF work to my bro Isai, shout out to Isai, this dude is very good people and he hustles. Just trusting people with my baby, I always laugh when I say that but it’s my baby, it’s growing into something beautiful. Thank you for supporting me on this journey to all the people that know me, know that I only have love in my heart. To the ones that don’t know me when you see me say what’s up or hit me on these social networks.


By the way March 2nd were having going away party at The Common Ground ย its also Trizz & Chuuwee Release Party & David May Release Party ย we will have free giveaways. spread the word.


ClubCongressย ย March 20th CGTour

TCE Texas Show

BTYF: To Survive,You Need Hustle Vol. 1.2 Mixed By Kid Disko!!!

Every month were dropping a mixtape with locals artist, today were drop Vol. 1.2 and i can say its very dope. Were going to try our best to stay consistent with these. Our plan is to press these up and give them out for free and maybe do show that feature all the artist. We have so much talent out here, so were going to do what we can to help. So check out the mix, share with a friend,your sibling etc etc.


1. Curtiss King ft Noa James – Loyal Mrs.
2. Fredo – Collarbone Perv
3. David May ft. Damar & Ceenario – She Fucks With Me
4. Faimkills ft Faye Valintine – Don’t Call It Love
5. Stevie Crooks – Jen & Zeus [The Love]
6. Pheo – Sheets
7. Richard Wright – Marry Mary Jane
8. Phantom Thrett – Keep The Lights On
9. ILL CamiLLe ft Tay Walker – Lopsided
10. 60 East – Damage Control
11. Blk Ink ft Twin Towers & SuperB – Love
12. Carl Fontaine – Love Within
13. Noa James ft Faye Valintine – Dark Passion

Check out our 1st mix.

Finess the Great – Round and Round
Kasino Gang – Yizzd
Faimkills ft Lt.Dan – Oozie
King Dice ft. 3D Beats – Yahtzee
Curtiss King – P.C.C
Pheo, Cashius Green & Dre Biggity – BetAMill
Dโ€™zyl 5K1 – Man On Fire
Mickey Taelor – HiiGrade
3D Beats – B.S.
Crilly Fam – Gotta Eat
NOIR – Welcome To Gotham
Yung Miss – Wake Up
Speak – Westside Artgoon Craigslist Killer
Art Barz – Real Talk
Stevie Crooks – Punishment
Dirty Birdy – Hoe Cake
Noa James – Die The Nicest
Phantom Thrett – Wonderfool

Murs Signs To Strange Music!!!!

Congrats to the big bro Murs, this is huge. Strange Music is the definition of independent hip hop they are the front runners of our culture right now and to see an artist like Murs team up with Strange WOW…cant wait to hear the music because in this video Murs is BARS OUT!!!

BrickToYaFace.com:To Survive You Need Hustle Vol 1โ€‹.โ€‹1 mixed by Kid Disko

So me & Lesa J decided to team up with Kid Disko to put out a mix tapes of our favorite local music and we listen to a lot of locals. We will be putting these tapes out once a month, we might have themes to the mixtape, but the reason for us doing this just to get the people to listen, thats all we need just sit down and truly listen to music thats being pump out in your city. So check it out, we would love to hear y’all feedback thank you.

Finess the Great โ€“ Round and Round
Kasino Gang โ€“ Yizzd
Faimkills ft Lt.Dan โ€“ Oozie
King Dice ft. 3D Beats โ€“ Yahtzee
Curtiss King โ€“ P.C.C
Pheo, Cashius Green & Dre Biggity โ€“ BetAMill
Dโ€™zyl 5K1 โ€“ Man On Fire
Mickey Taelor โ€“ HiiGrade
3D Beats โ€“ B.S.
Crilly Fam โ€“ Gotta Eat
NOIR โ€“ Welcome To Gotham
Yung Miss โ€“ Wake Up
Speak โ€“ Westside Artgoon Craigslist Killer
Art Barz โ€“ Real Talk
Stevie Crooks โ€“ Punishment
Dirty Birdy โ€“ Hoe Cake
Noa James โ€“ Die The Nicest
Phantom Thrett โ€“ Wonderfool

New Visual: Noa James – The Orca

Check out my latest video, you know i just drop this because it was how i felt at the time, and its cool that people fucks with it. Its a great feeling when doing you can get you where you want to be.


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